About Us

Air Phones is your reliable mobile provider committed to approving mobile phone contracts to people with a poor credit rating. We have been steadfast and consistent in putting a smile on the faces of UK citizens with a low credit score and have over the years scaled the ladders to become a top tier provider in the UK. Our commitment and objective is in ensuring that we help as many people as possible get approved for a phone contract their credit score notwithstanding. We believe that a mobile phone has morphed from a luxurious gadget to a basic asset that each and every UK citizen should own.

We therefore believe that a person’s credit rating shouldn’t be used as a deterring fact to approve or reject a mobile phone contract. While we are mandated by law to carry out credit checks, we do not use the results of the credit checks to deny or approve a phone contract. We simply use it to hook you up with an appropriate phone contract plan. Our bad credit mobile phones are some of the most affordable in the market and designed to ensure that you get value for the money you pay monthly.

We are not only flexible but also have within our ranks qualified customer personnel which has been the backbone of our success. Our customer personnel staff have been at the frontline of advising our different customers and ensuring that the decisions they ultimately make as regards bad credit mobile phones are not only sound but also informed. We believe that our continued success in the UK is informed by honesty, adherence to professional ideals, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction as well as total quality management principles.