Who can apply for a bad credit mobile phone contract?

The feeling out there has always been that bad credit mobile phones are designed for the scum of the society, individuals who have fallen from grace to grace in so far as financial management is concerned. However, this is far from the truth in as much as the initial objective of rolling out bad credit mobile phones was so as to help as many people with a poor credit rating get approved for a mobile phone contract. That notwithstanding, there are different classes of people that can apply for bad credit mobile phones.

For starters, it’s imperative to note that bad credit mobile phones were initially designed for people whose credit score were in debilitating status. This meant that UK citizens who could not avail a standard mobile contract were eligible for this kind of contract. Individuals who had suffered the wrath and indignity of incessant rejections could now apply and be approved for a phone contract without difficulty. As such, if you have a history of defaults, your credit score is very poor or have a history of CCJs, then you can apply for bad credit mobile phones.

The second class of people who can apply for bad credit mobile phones are UK individuals seeking to improve their credit score. Let’s face it. If you have a poor credit score, getting approved for a standard contract is akin to searching for a needle in a hay stack. The only chance you have of improving your credit score is if you apply for bad credit mobile phones contract. The idea is to ensure that you make diligent payments monthly and that you never default on making your payments. Of course, this will positively impact your credit score over time and lead to its improvement.

The third class of people that should apply for bad credit mobile phones are those with no credit score at all. In UK, having no credit score is the same as having a poor credit rating when it comes to approval of mobile phone contracts. Providers find it difficult approving you for a phone contract because they have no way of telling whether you are responsible with your finances or not. As such, most providers are likely to reject your application. In that regard, bad credit mobile phones are the perfect for you if you are seeking to build your credit report from scratch. Simply ensure that you do not miss payments throughout your contract and your credit report will have positive information.

The aforementioned three classes can greatly benefit from applying for bad credit mobile phones. However, this is not to say that they are restricted to a given class of UK individuals. While anyone can apply for bad credit mobile phones, most people choose to stay away because of the high interest rates associated with them.